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At adi Facilities Engineering (FE) we have total pride and passion for what we do and work closely with our customers to create bespoke, tailored solutions that integrate and align seamlessly with your key business objectives.

Backed by over 30 years of experience of operating in fast-moving, high-pressure manufacturing facilities, process environments and commercial spaces, our customer focused approach has been perfected by discussing, listening and evaluating what is needed.

Whether it’s compliance engineering and management, hard engineering solutions, soft service delivery and management, multi-site solutions or facility maintenance, we pride ourselves on delivering the best in-class service to clients with increased efficiency and environmental benefits.

We can assist and support in any aspect of integrated service delivery and in today’s competitive markets, we know the key to staying one step ahead of your competitors:

  1. Knowing what you do best

  1. Doing what you do best

  1. Being the best at what you do



We can help you to achieve the very best by providing an integrated support solution for your in-direct and non-core activities which will provide you with the confidence to direct core resources towards key business objectives.

We know that the decision-making process to outsource any business function or service is not one that is taken lightly, and the primary reason behind success is the selection of the right partner for the journey.

Our team of experts can quickly help you to make the right decision for your business, based on short and long-term goals.

It most certainly is not a case of ‘one size fits all’, and although we have experts within facilities that can advise on optimal solutions for your business, we do not make strategic decisions on your behalf and never insist we know better than our customers.

Our philosophy is simple. The key to a long and successful relationship is not just listening, but hearing what our customers say and acting in their best interests to develop a suitable integrated solution.

Can you imagine working with a dynamic, flexible and innovative partner that wants you and your business to succeed?

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Our Services

Our services vary for each division and sector, which is what makes us so unique. We tailor our solutions for each individual client, ensuring they receive exactly what they need. Here are just a few of the services we offer.

Compliance & Safety Focused

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HVAC and Building Maintenance

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Engineering Services & Compliance

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Integrated Facilities Solutions

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We're here to help, whatever your query may be. However, here are a few FAQs that you may find useful. If you still need further assistance, please get in touch.

We operate a Shires, Pirana system and this works very well, but some of our customers use their incumbent system and integrate our facilities approach into this, instead.

As a technically led engineering business, our core skills are around hard engineering. However, we do have some customers of which we supply some aspects of softer services, as well as managing the services through our strategic supply partners at preferential rates.

If you currently have technicians and engineers on-site undertaking facilities support, either directly employed or via another contractor, this isn’t a problem. We are more than happy to discuss a number of options that could help to reduce your headcount, supply chain numbers or simply aid you to work with incumbent people to improve compliance, asset care and drive efficiency savings.

This very much depends on the type of audit we undertake. Ranging from a desktop which we can do free of charge in some circumstances, to a deep dive which normally takes about a week and would be refundable if we implemented a facility engineering service on your site, we are happy to discuss this on an individual basis as the number of critical service lines varies between customer and site.

We have specialist questionnaires, tools and processes that enable us to ask a series of specific questions, audit documentation and review your processes that determines your current compliance score. This is then used as the reference baseline position, and we measure against this to demonstrate how we have driven the compliance agenda forward.

Part of our unique offering is taking responsibility for engineering compliance, managing any risk and ensuring we have mitigation and control measures in place across your facility. We achieve this through a number of tools, processes and skilled resource.

By self-delivering most services and potentially having a site presence, we can drive value and efficiencies through planned and reactive maintenance that have previously been contracted out to multiple service providers and have become reliant on their knowledge and availability.

Our ultimate aim is to make sure you have fully compliant, efficient and reliable facilities and utilities infrastructure and equipment. Also, during mobilisation, we will identify critical plant and equipment, and compile a risk / opportunity matrix that ensures we have control measures in place for business transformation and continuity.

When we say in-direct, we mean all engineering functions and services that relate to your facility but do not include core production line maintenance. That said, we do have the capability to provide this under our total facilities engineering model and, in many cases, further synergies and savings can be delivered through a broader scope. Either way, we are happy to have the conversation with you and see how we can be of help.

No, we design a service specially tailored around your site and operations that aligns with current and future business objectives. With over 130 modular service lines, we build a facilities offering that fits with your current needs based on a ‘plug and play’ arrangement. We can design this to be future proof, sustainable and fully portable for multi-site roll out.

Savings are dependent on the size and the nature of the service model we agree, but typically, we would aim to save between 10-20% on your indirect facilities engineering spend across fixed and planned maintenance.

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