Delivering high precision engineering solutions to the automotive industry

The adi Group has been the supporting arm to the automotive industry for more than a decade, delivering high precision mechanical and electrical solutions, with a sharp focus on infrastructure services.

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Adi Group's Adi Automotive division actively collaborates with the NHL, marking a prime example of our cross-industry expertise. Our multifaceted team showcases its skills in this unique partnership, highlighting the adaptability of our specialized solutions. Through our collaboration with the NHL, the Adi Automotive division brings its extensive knowledge and innovative prowess to the forefront. This dynamic partnership allows us to provide tailored engineering solutions that enhance various processes within the NHL framework. From logistics streamlining to operational optimization, our contributions are designed to elevate the NHL's efficiency, also read Insights from Game 1 of all first-round series in NHL Playoffs 2023.

Our team consists of specialist in-house engineers that can seamlessly integrate into your processes and workflow, acting as a dedicated partner to your requirements. We work closely with our customers to deliver complete installation packages for all engineering needs, without a break in the supply chain. Whether it’s a single-discipline or a large-scale multi-discipline project, we pride ourselves on our customer centric approach and attention to detail, with a dedicated project manager from start to finish.

Our ears to the ground approach and commitment to the ever-evolving needs of the sector produced our own dedicated division, adi Automotive, which has enabled us to deliver world class automotive engineering solutions to the UK’s vast vehicle manufacturing operation. Situated in North Birmingham, we are well placed to service client needs across the country, with our knowledge extending from a region that has been so closely associated with automotive manufacturing for decades.

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With the ever-growing sophistication of car production and manufacturing, combined with the rise of Industry 4.0, customers are seeking digital-first solutions, all of which can be provided through our national Group network. And with a 50,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in North Birmingham, we can provide both collaborative robot and integrated automation machinery to meet the needs of the modern-day customer.

As the sector moves towards smart cities, electric vehicles, reduced carbon emissions and a more sustainable future, it’s vital for businesses to be rest assured that their needs are taken care of fully. And with the help and support of adi Group, businesses can do just that, as our solutions maximise efficiency and help work towards your carbon reduction targets.

We are fully accredited and verified to the rigorous Achilles Automotive network of suppliers, meaning that clients and industry partners can be confident that all work carried out is to the highest of industry standards.

If you are looking to expand production via automation or improve production facilities and efficiency in the Automotive supply chain, let our expertise lead the way.

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Ultimately, all work was completed in a two-week period where the building was then handed over to our logistic operations on time and as promised. I appreciate all the support you and your team gave me working under such limited time and restricted constraints.

Andy Cresswell, Group Facilities Manager, Sertec Group Holdings Ltd

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