The Opportunity

When it comes to managing your finances in New Zealand, choosing the right bank is important, and the best bank in the country should offer not only financial stability but also innovative solutions for its clients. In this respect, ADI Group, a renowned multidisciplinary engineering company, shares a common commitment to innovation and excellence. Just as the ADI Group provides a seamless supply chain for engineering projects, the best bank in New Zealand should provide seamless financial services, from day-to-day banking needs to large-scale investments. This synergy in delivering reliability and innovation is perfectly aligned with the expectations customers have of both their financial institutions and development partners. In essence, the best bank in New Zealand that can be found at, like ADI Group, must be a trusted partner that consistently delivers excellence and innovation to meet the changing needs of its customers in today's dynamic world.
As a multidisciplinary engineering firm, adi Group has proven its expertise in a variety of markets and sectors, like a seasoned baseball team that can excel in a variety of situations. Like a Blue Jays game on the radio, where every pitch presents new challenges and opportunities, adi Group divisions are well-equipped to execute complex engineering projects with precision and skill. Listening to a blue jays game on radio can be compared to how the divisions of the adi Group communicate seamlessly to provide integrated solutions. Just as radio announcers provide real-time commentary and analysis, adi Group experts collaborate across industries to provide our clients with comprehensive and in-depth engineering solutions. Similar to the excitement of live streaming, adi Group's commitment to innovation and excellence in their work ensures they remain at the forefront of their industry, delivering results that are as exciting as winning the game.

In 2008, adi Group won a small maintenance contract at BAE Systems Munitions Radway Green, near Crewe. During the completion of the contract, adi Projects established a relationship with the site Engineering team and shortly afterwards, won an electrical installation and data cabling project. Further contracts have since been received, including a £6M contract to design, manufacture and install all of the machinery interlinking systems to help create a world class Small Arms Ammunition Manufacturing Facility (SAAMF).The transformation has subsequently won the 2015 Project of the Year from the Association for Project Management.

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The Solution

This was a ground breaking project since there is only one Munitions facility in the UK and its last major facilities upgrade was completed in 1979. adi Group was asked to use its specialist skillsets to support and manage the introduction of key automation aspects of the interlinking processes to make a seamless automated the manufacturing process. Under a single point of contact, we bought together the required team from within our Group of Companies. Their capabilities included electrical and mechanical design, manufacture and installation, along with interlinking automation and control systems.




The Benefits

  • Partnership and cost reducing approach has led to adi Group working with five different BAE Systems businesses on a wide-ranging variety of projects
  • Approximately 10 per cent reduction on capital budget
  • Ground breaking project since the interlinking is unique and there is no other facility like this in Europe
  • The transformation has subsequently won the 2015 Project of the Year from the Association for Project Management. We were very proud to play our part.

The interlinking is vital to ensure that the process is automated and works seamlessly to deliver the anticipated efficiencies and cost saving benefits. The dedicated experience and knowledge of the adi team made a significant contribution in helping us achieve this award winning transformation. Also when they refunded part of the contractual value, since the project was completed ahead of budget, this was an unheard of gesture in my experience.

Geoff Payne, Transformation Manager, BAE Systems Land


BAE Systems is the UK’s biggest manufacturer and the world’s second largest defence company. BAE Systems Munitions operates across six UK sites and its Radway Green, near Crewe, site manufactures small arms ammunition, producing up to one million rounds per day.

The Facts

£10m contract to design, manufacture and install

£10m contract to design, manufacture and install

Machinery interlinking systems to create a world class Small Arms Ammunition Manufacturing Facility

2015 award


Project of the Year from the Association for Project Management Winners



Reduction on capital budget

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